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You can apply for the Canada work visa online or offline depending on your convenience. We at Brolly Overseas offer excellent services and Canada work visa consultancy solutions with expert guidance and supervision. 

Apply for Canada work visa offline –

  • Visit the official website of the Government of Canada.
  • Go to the “Immigration and Citizenship” section.
  • Select “My Application” > “Find forms and guides” > Application for work permit made outside Canada. 
  • Click on “Get the form” and download the application form. 
  • Fill up the application with the required details and arrange the documents that are mandatory for the work visa. 
  • You can now schedule a meeting with the Visa Application Center (VAC) for Canada. 
  • Submit the application form, documents and register your biometrics along with the photographs. 
  • Pay the visa fee and attend the interview when called for. 
  • You will get your Approved & authorized letters from the Canadian Consulate or Embassy upon clearing the interview.

Types of canada work visa

Open work permit

Employer- scientific work permit
canada work visa permit from india

Eligibility for Canada work permit visa

  • Valid passport
  • Valid study permit will give you the chance to avail Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) 
  • Financial proof that indicates sufficient funds for your stay in Canada. 
  • Medical documents
  • Police clearance certificate (if required)
  • Professional Member of Canada- United States – Mexico (CUSMA) Agreement.

How Brolly Overseas can help

  • Personalized one-on-one counseling 
  • Job search assistance 
  • Visa Interview preparation 
  • Timely follow ups with the consulate 
  • Visa application assistance 
  • 360 Canada  immigration solutions.

Want to know more details about Canada Work Visa Processing

Canada Work Visa Requirements

Submitting the required documents will ensure a successful application process. Below are the list of documents required for Canada work visa

  • IMM 1295 – Application for Work Permit Made Outside of Canada.
  • A valid passport 
  • Educational transcripts including worksheets, memos, certificates etc. 
  • Expired passports or canceled passports
  • Present Work experience proof –
    • Copy of offer letters and relieving letters  
    • Pay slips and Form 16 issued by the company 
    • Bank statements 
    • Contact information including address details, phone numbers of both employers and employees. 
  • Personal fund proof 
    • Income tax 
    • Bank statements
    • Proof of external income sources like property investments etc.
  • Temporary resident visa application form (If required)
  • Offer letter by the employer or company 
  • Family information form (if family members are traveling with the applicant)
  • Copy of marriage certificate & birth certificate of children  (if the wife & children are traveling along with the applicant)
  • IMM 5476 – Use of Representative Form (if applicable).
  • IMM 5475 – Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (if applicable).

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Canada Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad at Brolly Academy truly exceeded my expectations! Their expertise in navigating the complexities of the Canada work visa process is unmatched. I'm now happily working in the Canada, and it's all thanks to their dedicated team.
From the initial consultation to visa approval,Canada Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad at Brolly Academy provided unwavering support. Their attention to detail and personalized guidance made my journey to the Canada smooth and stress-free. Highly recommended.
Canada Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabadat Brolly Academy is the go-to place for anyone aspiring to work in the Canada. Their knowledgeable staff and systematic approach made the visa application process a breeze. I'm now pursuing my dream job.
I can't express how grateful I am for Brolly Academy's assistance. They turned what seemed like a process into a manageable one. The team's commitment and professionalism are truly commendable.
Choosing Brolly Academy was one of the best decisions I made for my career. Their consultants are not just experts in visas but also mentors who genuinely care about your success. Thank you for making my Canada dream reality.
Canada Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad at Brolly Academy's guidance was invaluable throughout my visa application journey. Their expertise and personalized approach set them apart. I'm now thriving in my new job in the Canada, and it's all thanks to Brolly.
I highly recommend Brolly Academy to anyone seeking a seamless Canada work visa process. Their knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail are exceptional. Thank you for making my Canada career dreams come true.
Canada Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad at Brolly Academy turned what seemed like a straightforward path. The team's dedication and clear communication made the entire visa process efficient. I'm now happily settled in the Canada.
Canada Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad at Brolly Academy's support was instrumental in securing my Canada work visa. Their team's expertise and friendly approach made the entire process stress-free. I couldn't have asked for a better consultancy.

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Brolly Overseas -Canada Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad

  • Brolly Overseas is one of the transpiring training and consultant agencies in Hyderabad with a high success rate. We have ample experience and have rendered excellent training and providing visa consulting services to students and professionals over the past few years by providing overseas assistance.  We have helped candidates find and move to the country of their choice with a complete guidance on the application requirements and necessities along with accomodation and job assistance to people who wish to study in Canada.   
  • Brolly Overseas is backed with a talented team of competent counselors  who are specifically dedicated towards attending to our clients and their overseas exigencies. We specialize in offering ancillary handouts including career guidance, visa services, analysis and much more. Our competence and prowess comes from the successful processing of visas to 30+ countries and helping candidates with employment and work visa solutions, making us one of the best Canada work visa consultants in Hyderabad.

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Yes IELTS is very much required while applying for a Canada visa. 

You will receive a Port of Entry (POE) which indicates that you will be allowed to work in the country.  

You can travel to Canada with the PoE letter of introduction that is given after the  approval of your work permit visa application. You will be given the work permit visa upon your arrival in the country. 

You can apply for a spouse dependent work permit soon after you get yours which might take an approximate 15 days after your arrival.

Your children can study or work in Canada by applying for their own Canadian work permit or study permit. 

You will have to fulfill the given criteria and be qualified enough to permanently reside in Canada.  

  • Individual applicant – 

Application fee – 155 CAD + Biometric fee – 85 CAD/person (or) 170 CAD/family of 2 members. 

  • Group Applicant –

Application fee – 465 CAD + Biometric fee – 255. 

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