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UCAT coaching in hyderabad

  • Personalized mentor to monitor student progress
  • Level based coaching. Suited for all level students
  • Unlimited doubt solving on a one to one basis with faculty
  • Multiple attempt support
  • Result-oriented program
  • 45+ hours of exclusive training
  • Personalized study plan to crack the exam
  • Progress report card for every student
  • Practice questions to improve scores
  • Unlimited access to Library
  • 5 internal topic wise test with analysis
  • 5+ full-length tests

All About UCAT

  • The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an entrance test for aspiring students to study MBBS/BDS courses in Medical, Dental, and Homeopathic colleges in India.
  • The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a computer-based admissions test, used by a consortium of UK Universities and non-UK associate member universities to help select applicants for their medical and dental degree programs. The UCAT is taken as part of an application to study medicine/dentistry at one of the universities that use it.
  • The UCAT is designed to assess your potential for success in medicine and dentistry. It assesses your ability to reason with scientific information, rather than measuring knowledge of facts. The test is a measure of academic ability that predicts how well an applicant will perform in the pre-clinical (pre-university) courses in medicine or dentistry.
  • The UCAT assesses your ability to reason scientifically, rather than measuring knowledge of facts. It is designed to predict how well you will perform in the pre-clinical (pre-university) courses in medicine or dentistry. The test is a measure of academic ability that predicts how well an applicant will perform in the pre-clinical (pre-university) courses in medicine or dentistry.

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  • All-Inclusive UCAT study guides – Our study materials are very detailed and tailored by expert UCAT tutors. 
  • Slot booking assistance – Our team will help and assist you in booking slots for TheUCAT exam without any worries.  
  • Course validity – The course will be valid for 1 year from the date of being issued and The UCAT exam will be valid for 2 years from the date of being issued.  
  • Affordable GMAT Training Fees – We do not overcharge our students and offer affordable pricing for the best UCAT Coaching in Hyderabad.

UCAT Test Format

UCAT Coaching In Hyderabad
  • The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a computer-based examination designed to assess several skills which are considered to be important for the work of healthcare professionals.
  • The University Clinical Aptitude Test(UCAT) is a computerized test of aptitude, which focuses on evaluating the personality, reasoning, and problem-solving skills of the candidates. It is a multiple choice question-based test with an objective structure followed in the exam.
  • The Test consists of two parts. Part 1 is an objective test and Part 2 is a clinical reasoning test. This is followed by a personal interview, which includes an assessment of communication skills and interpersonal behavior.
  • There are four sections in the test, namely Communication and Language Skills, Scientific Knowledge and Problem Solving, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Life Skills. Each section is worth 50 marks, making the total mark 300.


  • This section tests the candidate’s communication skills and language proficiency in English. It includes a listening comprehension test, an expression test, and a reading comprehension test. The listening comprehension test consists of three parts:
  • The first part is an audio recording of a conversation between two people, who talk about different topics such as education, career, or hobbies. A short question will be asked after each segment of the conversation.
  • The second part is an audio presentation that contains information on various topics including careers, education, and so on.
  • The Third part is a reading comprehension test, which contains information about various topics such as careers, education, and so on.


  • The scientific knowledge and problem-solving section are designed to test your understanding of science concepts. It also tests your ability to think logically and solve problems.
  • There is one section in the test that will be testing your knowledge of science concepts and one section that will be testing your ability to think logically and solve problems. The scientific knowledge section may include questions about basic physical science, earth science, biology, or chemistry. Some questions may ask you to identify specific facts or principles based on a given situation.


  • There are two sections in the test that will be testing your knowledge of humanities and social sciences concepts. The humanities and social science section may include questions about history, literature, art, music, religion, and culture. Some questions may ask you to identify specific facts or principles based on a given situation.


  • Three sections will be testing your knowledge of life skills concepts. The life skills section may include questions about personal health, fitness, and nutrition; financial literacy; consumer awareness and responsibility; interpersonal communication skills; time management strategies; problem-solving methods.

UCAT Score & Ranking

  • The UCAT score chart will show you how many points you need to get into each university. The UCAT score chart is different for each university, so make sure to look at the website of the school you want to apply to see what score they require. It’s also important that you know how many points are needed for medical school.
  • If you want to get into a program that has a high UCAT score requirement, then you will need to study for the test and make sure that your score is as high as possible. The more points you have, the better chance you have of getting into your program of choice.
  • The UCAT score chart may be a little more difficult to understand, but it can still be useful. It shows you how many points are needed for each university and program of study.


  • You may have heard of decile rankings before, and they apply to the UCAT as well. The decile rank is a number that represents your overall performance on the test. A high decile score means that you did very well on the test, and a low decile score means that you didn’t do so hot. The more points you have in this area, the better chance you have of getting into medical school.
  • The 1st decile shows that 10% of candidates scored lower than 2150 points, while the 10th decile shows that 90% of candidates scored lower than 2150 points. UCAT SCORE This is your overall score on the test and it represents how well you did on the whole thing. It’s important to know what your score means in relation to other candidates so that you can see where you stand.

Eligibility criteria for UCAT

  • If you’re applying for a medical school in the UK, there are certain criteria that you need to meet. Your UCAT score must be at least 2150 points You must have completed your A-levels (or equivalent qualifications) with a minimum of three science subjects at grades A and B or better.
  • All the candidates who want to appear in this test need to go through the eligibility criteria which are given below:
  • Age: Candidates should be at least 17 years of age as on 31st December of the year in which they are applying for the test.
  • The candidate should be a citizen of India.
  • The candidate should have passed the 10+2 examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Biotechnology as elective subjects or any other equivalent examination recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • The candidate should have completed their 12th standard with Science subjects with minimum 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Candidates who are appearing for their final year exams can also apply.
  • In case the candidate has appeared for the final year exams but hasn’t received his or her results yet, then he/she needs to submit a letter from the school authority stating that they will issue the result by so on so date.

UCAT Students Reviews

I was able to achieve a good score only with the help of Brolly Overseas. They have an excellent staff with very good course material.
- Sonal
Brolly Overseas offers UCAT Coaching in Hyderabad with effective and informative course materials. They even conduct mock tests to help us improve.
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Thank you Brolly Overseas for helping me high score in my first attempt . I will always be thankful to the trainers and team for giving me UCAT Coaching.
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I want to thank Brolly Overseas for helping me prepare well for the test. I scored a very good score and that was only possible because of the Trainers .They train very well along with the course materials. One of the best institute for UCAT Coaching In Hyderabd.
- Salman
My verbal section has improved a lot after the Best UCAT Coaching in Hyderabad, it helped me score well and also boosted my confidence. I could confidently attend the exam and do well. Thank you to the entire team!
- Reza
I always wanted a high score on UCAT at Brolly Overseas helped me achieve that. The trainers are very patient and helpful with the training process and guided us throughout. I can assure you that this is the best institute for UCAT coaching in Hyderabad.
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The team of Brolly Overseas provided the best UCAT Coaching in Hyderabad ,along with slot booking assistance. The trainers were patient and understanding of our needs and requirements and gave us the best learning experience.
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I opted for The UCAT coaching in Hyderabad at Brolly Overseas and I feel that the material they provided is extremely useful and insightful . I got a good score on my final test. Thank you.
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I had a good experience learning and preparing for The UCAT with the team of Brolly Overseas. I would highly recommend it to everybody who is looking for good UCAT coaching in Hyderabad.
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  • Brolly Overseas is one of the Transpiring Training and consultancy agencies in Hyderabad with a high success rate. We have ample training experience and have rendered top notch UCAT Coaching to students and professionals over the past few years with an impressive guaranteed UCAT high score while preserving the quality and purpose of the program. We have tutored batches that have shown a tremendous growth and command in the subject within the duration of the course with excellent grasp throughout the UCAT coaching in Hyderabad. 
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You’ll need to take the UCAT if you’re applying to a UCAT university in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Most universities require the UCAT, and only a small handful require the BMAT.

Your UCAT score is only valid for one year. If you sit the exam in 2022 then the score will be valid for 2023 entry to university. If you wish to take a gap year or reapply the next year then you will need to resit the UCAT and use your latest score.

You can only sit the UCAT once per cycle.

Unfortunately, many candidates will not be happy with their score. It is important that when applying to a university you make sure you meet all the minimum criteria, paying close attention to minimum UCAT scores. As you will have your UCAT score in advance of submitting your UCAS application you can tailor your application accordingly – applying to universities that put little or no emphasis on the UCAT exam.

Yes! From our experience, we have found that practice makes a significant improvement to your UCAT score. Research also shows that your UCAT score does depend on preparation, school attended, mathematical ability, gender, and age (Lambe et al. 2012).

The UCAT Special Educational Needs (UCATSEN) is 25% longer than the standard UCAT and is available for those with dyslexia. If you have extra time for other public exams then you will be entitled to sit the UCATSEN.

You can postpone your exam but if you leave it too late you may lose your fee. Once you’ve started your exam however you must complete it and can’t resist the exam that year, so if you’re unwell it’s best to cancel and re-book.

Unfortunately, no. You can only sit the UCAT once per year so if you didn’t score as well as you’d hoped then you can’t resist until the next year. If you get a low score then make sure you are applying to universities that place little or no emphasis on the UCAT exam to maximize your chances of success.

Currently, 30 UK medical schools use the UCAT as part of their selection process for undergraduate and postgraduate programmers. Check the list of UCAT unis here.

There is a wide window of opportunity to sit the exam, but the price goes up if you leave it to September or October. This is due to an increase in demand. We recommend booking the test during the summer holidays as when you get back to school in September you will be busy with personal statements, course work and starting your A2 year.

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