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uae work visa for indian

  • Step 1 – Your employer must apply for a Visa Quota Approval from The Ministry of Labor (MOL) and it takes upto 3 days to get approved. 
  • Step 2 – A job offer letter is sent to the employee for acceptance of the job and for the verification of signature. This must be in English, Arabic and the employee’s native language and takes upto 2 days for approval. 
  • Step 3 – The MOL verifies the employer’s status to issue the entry visa and work permit. It usually takes about 3-5 days for approval.  
  • Step 4 – The MOL issues a pink visa which is known as the Employment Entry visa which allows the employee to legally enter the country. This permit is valid for 2 months and can be extended twice. It usually takes about 3 days for approval.  
  • Step 5 – You can enter the country with the permit and either collect your work permit at the airport if it was already applied by the employer (or) you can apply for one with a minimum of 60 days to get the work permit and residence visa. 
  • Step 6 – A complete medical screening will take place before issuing a work permit and takes upto 1 day. 
  • Step 7 – The candidate will have to visit the Emirates ID service center to complete the biometrics and further document confirmation. It can take upto a day. 
  • Step 8 – Labor contract documents must be signed and submitted to the MOL for the work permit along with the medical screening results. 
  • Step 9 – It can take about 5 working days to receive a work permit after which you can receive the payroll from the official UAE system. 
  • Step 10 – Health insurance is compulsory in the UAE and will require the employers to provide coverage for the employees. This may take upto 5 working days and plays a key role in the processing of the work permit. 
  • Step 11 – Get Residence visa stamping as it is important to have a residence visa to legally reside in the country. This will give you the opportunity to  register for vehicles, open bank accounts or  PO box and can take upto 3 days to process. 

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  • Personalized one-on-one counseling 
  • Job search assistance 
  • Visa Interview preparation 
  • Timely follow ups with the consulate 
  • Visa application assistance 
  • 360 UAE immigration solutions.

Want to know more details about UAE Work Visa Processing

UAE Employment visa requirements

  • A valid passport 
  • Passport size photographs 
  • Medical certificate 
  • Pan card
  • Proof of any prior work experience
uae work visa for indian

Eligibility for UAE Employment/ work permit visa

    • A job offer letter from the employer in the UAE
    • The candidate must match the required qualifications.
    • The candidate must be 18+ years of age. 
    • The employer must have a valid business license. 
    • The work or employment must be legal and law abiding. 
    • The foreign workers are classified into 3 main types –

    Category 1 – candidates with a bachelor’s degree.

    Category 2 – candidates with a post-secondary diploma or equivalent 

    Category 3 –  candidates with a high school diploma.

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UAE Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad at Brolly Academy truly exceeded my expectations! Their expertise in navigating the complexities of the UAE work visa process is unmatched. I'm now happily working in the UAE, and it's all thanks to their dedicated team.
From the initial consultation to visa approval,UAE Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad at Brolly Academy provided unwavering support. Their attention to detail and personalized guidance made my journey to the UAE smooth and stress-free. Highly recommended.
UAE Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad at Brolly Academy is the go-to place for anyone aspiring to work in the UAE. Their knowledgeable staff and systematic approach made the visa application process a breeze. I'm now pursuing my dream job.
I can't express how grateful I am for Brolly Academy's assistance. They turned what seemed like a process into a manageable one. The team's commitment and professionalism are truly commendable.
Choosing Brolly Academy was one of the best decisions I made for my career. Their consultants are not just experts in visas but also mentors who genuinely care about your success. Thank you for making my UAE dream reality.
UAE Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad at Brolly Academy's guidance was invaluable throughout my visa application journey. Their expertise and personalized approach set them apart. I'm now thriving in my new job in the UAE, and it's all thanks to Brolly.
I highly recommend Brolly Academy to anyone seeking a seamless UAE work visa process. Their knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail are exceptional. Thank you for making my UAE career dreams come true.
UAE Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad at Brolly Academy turned what seemed like a straightforward path. The team's dedication and clear communication made the entire visa process efficient. I'm now happily settled in the UAE.
UAE Work Visa Consultants In Hyderabad at Brolly Academy's support was instrumental in securing my UAE work visa. Their team's expertise and friendly approach made the entire process stress-free. I couldn't have asked for a better consultancy.

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  • Brolly Overseas is one of the transpiring training and consultant agencies in Hyderabad with a high success rate. We have ample experience and have rendered excellent training and providing visa consulting services to students and professionals over the past few years by providing overseas assistance.  We have helped candidates find and move to the country of their choice with a complete guidance on the application requirements and necessities along with accomodation and job assistance to people who wish to study in UAE.   
  • Brolly Overseas is backed with a talented team of competent counselors  who are specifically dedicated towards attending to our clients and their overseas exigencies. We specialize in offering ancillary handouts including career guidance, visa services, analysis and much more. Our competence and prowess comes from the successful processing of visas to 30+ countries and helping candidates with employment and work visa solutions, making us one of the best UAE work visa consultants in Hyderabad.

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Some of the benefits include health insurance, 30 day vacation per annum covering airfare, housing facilities, flexible working hours, allowances and much more. 

Yes it is tax free, you can take the complete amount earned without having to pay to the government. 

It can take upto 2-7 working days to get your UAE work visa. 

 Level A – AED 600

 Level B: AED 1,500

 Level C: AED 2,000.

Yes, we offer a range of services including English proficiency coaching in Hyderabad, Visa consulting in Hyderabad, Abroad education consulting solutions and more.

The UAE work permit at first is valid for 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days during which the employer can make arrangements to get you a labor card, Emirates ID, residence visa. 

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